I am forgiven, Who I am in Christ

Looking Back: Remembering I Am Forgiven

Another week, another opportunity to remember who I am in Christ.

This week let’s remember that forgiveness is free, but it didn’t come cheap. This thanksgiving week, I hope we can stop and really ponder the words to this song:

I’m forgiven, because you were forsaken

I’m accepted, you were condemned.

I’m alive and well, your Spirit lives within me, because you died and rose again.

Amazing love, how can it be? That you my King should die for me?

Amazing love, I know it’s true. It’s my joy to honor you. In all I do, I honor you.

Even if I didn’t have a bazillion things to be thankful for, which I do, that alone is more than enough for overflowing gratitude.

Jesus, thank you for forgiveness. You are my King.