He Leads Me

Arise, my beloved, and come away with me.

~Song of Solomon 2:10

image“Come with me!”

What do you do when you hear that? Me? My first response is to ask, “where are we going?”

A valid question, right? If I’m going to leave the comfortable spot I’ve been warming for however long, I want to know the end destination. Come on, now, be honest…you probably do too.

So, let’s play out this conversation…

“Come, my love, let’s go.”

Still in my comfy warm spot. “Where are we going?”

He smiles, holds out his hand. “Come with me.”

“You didn’t answer my question.”

His grin fades a bit. “I’m giving you an invitation to be with me. Does the destinationĀ matter?”

Yikes. Jesus calls me to follow where He leads. To be with Him. And my caveat is, “I need to know where we’re going”?

Maybe I need to have that “define the relationship” chat with him again. He is good, faithful, trustworthy, and when he invited me into a relationship with him, I was all in. “You lead, I’ll follow.” That was the deal.

Because where we were going wasn’t the point. He leads, I follow, because I want to be where he is.

I think that makes the whole where are we going question irrelevant.

Lead on.