I am Free

I Am Free

“So, if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” John 8:36, NASB

Freedom. The cry of all humanity. In every culture, every economic and political fraction there is a drive for freedom. The human spirit thirsts for it. Why?

Because we are in bondage. Held captive by sin, deceived by hearts that are either blind or deceptive, we writhe in our chains.

Unless there is a Savior. I cannot cut loose the bonds that hold me fast. Selfishness. Rebellion. Insecurity. Anger. They have wrapped around me, clasped an impenetrable lock, and hold me captive. But God…what a glorious phrase. Just let’s stop right there for a moment.

But God.

Go tell (him)…the blind can see, the lame are made to walk again, the sick are healed the deaf can hear, the dead live and the poor have Good News.

Their bondage has been broken. And so has mine. I am free, by the grace of God through Jesus Christ. Free to love. Free to obey. Free to rest. Free to forgive. Free from sin’s curse–from death’s final victory.

Free to live.

Has the Son set you free?

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