I am Grateful

Gratitude Challenge Day 4

I will offer a You a sacrifice of thanksgiving and will worship the Lord. Psalm 116:17

Sometimes, thanksgiving is truly a sacrifice.

I’m so thankful that at this point in my life, with blessings abounding, that’s not the case for me. But it has been in the past.  And it may be for you at the moment.

Sometimes, life is so bleak and the pain so sharp that nothing but moaning wants to escape from our lips. And in those times, wresting our thoughts off our suffering and placing them on the hope to come takes a supernatural effort – an effort born of self-control that is empowered by the Holy Spirit Himself.

Every time one of God’s children, writhing in pain, chooses thankfulness, God recognizes it as a sacrifice. True sacrifices please Him.  It is a “fragrant aroma” to Him.

When the cancer strikes, when tragedy slams you from behind, when a child rebels or dreams are crushed, offer God a sacrifice. Find something to thank Him for.   There have been times in my life where I looked at my circumstances and could find nothing there to be grateful for.  But when I look at my God – well, then, thankfulness abounds.

Shifting focus is excruciating sometimes, but always pleasing.  And it will lift you up, too.

Choose thankfulness today.


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