I Have Joy

Joyful Strength

“ … Your strength comes from rejoicing in the Lord.” Nehemiah 8:10

This morning, I frantically tried to rush my daughter out the door. We were both tired. We were late.  And I was snappy.  Then, she cracked a joke.  It was so unique that I put down my hairbrush and just laughed.  Hard.  It wasn’t just because what she said was funny, but because this particular girl, my beloved daughter, had the creativity to come up with it.  Both the joke and the person delighted me. I adore that 11-year-old!  And as I contemplated how much I loved her, I stopped feeling annoyed.  My tiredness was suddenly not so heavy.  And we had a lovely morning together.

God wants me to rejoice in Him in exactly that way – to be delighted with His personality. He wants me to take my eyes off my frantic schedule and put them on His Person, to meditate on all the ways he is adorable.  He goes so far to say that this rejoicing in Him is my strength.

But so often, I don’t do that. I am too busy seeking what I want from God to seek God Himself.  I have a long list of prayer requests that, if granted, would really make my life easier.  And, while I wait for Him to comply, I busily run to and fro trying to fix things myself, worrying over this problem, trying to solve that one. …  It’s exhausting.  So, I try to ease the fatigue with a movie, a milk shake, an outing with my family.  Those things are nice, but they don’t provide lasting comfort.

What truly restores my soul? Delighting in God.  Rejoicing in Who He is – not what He has or has not done for me.  I loved that moment with my daughter this morning because of who she is, not because of any gift she’s given me.  We were still late.  The schedule didn’t change.  But, it didn’t matter anymore, because we were together.

When my life is not ideal, let me focus on my life Partner, the God who will never leave me nor forsake me. When I don’t get the answer I want after I pray, let me delight in the God of all Wisdom.  Let me revel in His company and the many wonders of His personality.  Rejoicing in Him is my strength.