I have been offered rest

He Is My Good

But as for me, God’s presence is my good. ~Psalm 73:26, HCSB

We did a special event tonight in Awana. It was called A Walk In Their Shoes. As an attempt to help our clubbers understand how much we have as Americans and how much so many others don’t have around the world, one of our sponsors put together an interactive program. We explored several areas of life—housing, food, water and toys.

It was a reminder of how extraordinarily privileged I am in my lovely new home with indoor plumbing, two water filer systems and multiple flushing toilets. It makes me very thankful. But, as I sit here in all this prosperity, I realize that it also can make me distant from God. I’m not saying poverty is equal to godliness…likely as not, the writer of this Psalm was not impoverished. But I think my stuff—the things I call blessings, and they are—become my comfort. Or my attempt at comfort. If that is the case, no wonder there are times that I can’t find rest.

How often do we thank God for His “blessings” and miss the fact the HE is our good? Not the stuff, the benefits that often He extends, but God Himself. It’s like me saying that I love my husband because he has given me this beautiful home and a pretty nice car. That’s all good, and I am grateful, but I loved him before all this prosperity entered our lives. I love him now because he’s a good man. If all this stuff were to be stripped away, he’d still be a good man, and I’d still love him.

Can we say the same about God? I read a blog this week about this very question, you can check it out here. Caroline wrote it beautifully. God is good. Period. Good times, bad times, poverty, wealth. He is good.

He is my good. And when I strip everything else down to that truth, that is where I find real rest.