Banned Books Week: My Story of Censorship

This was blogged over on the artistic Christian last week. It was a good reminder of how very privileged I am and also of what being blessed really means. I have no fewer than ten Bibles in my home. Daily, I am free to reach for any one of them, open it, and read what God has preserved for me to read. Let me never, ever take that for granted.

The Artistic Christian

Banned Bible.jpg

Here we are in the middle of Banned Books Week (September 21-27), where librarians, teachers, and avid readers from across the globe are celebrating the books which have been censored throughout history and their right to read and think about whatever they wish. This may not seem important to you… unless you’ve been in a situation where what you were allowed to know about was heavily censored.

Several years ago, I stepped off an airplane and into a Communist country to find myself greeted by a long row of soldiers with rifles at the ready. Coming from America, this blatant display of power was like a cold slap in the face. Later, I was taken to an elementary school where I would be teaching English, and as the school administrator introduced me to the children two more guards stood with rifles pointed at the elementary students. The message was clear…

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