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Undone by Melissa Zelniker Presser

Melissa published this recently on her blog and has kindly allowed me to re blog it here. It reminded me of Daniel’s prayer after the King’s dream had been revealed to him.

“Praise be to the name of God forever and ever, wisdom and power are His. He changes times and seasons, he deposed kings and raises up others. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning. He reveals deep and hidden things, he knows what lies in darkness and light dwells with him.” ~ Daniel 2:20-22, NIV

Thank you, Melissa, for allowing me to share the work of you heart.


Let me be undone before you Lord

Stripped naked, set free, redeemed

Let me see your everlasting glory

The heart inside of me

You showed me love without deserving

You’ve showed me love inside your home

And you’ve come back to claim me

You’ve made me your own

Reconcile me oh Father to your son upon the cross

The one who died and rose again, the one who finds the lost

Oh you poured out on this sinner, you freed me from my chains

You broke me out of prison, redeemed me as a gain

For to you I am forgiven, to you my beauty reigns

You call me your child, righteous for your name

And if I am forgiven,

And if I am set free

How could I possibly pay the price to God nailed to that tree?

My pain is now your glory,

My story it is true He died so I could live again,

He died for me and you

Lord please make me holy and strip me of myself

I will be your servant, I will be your help

And I sit here writing words which flow from me with grace

I long to see your glory, I long to see your face

And one day I will meet you,

I’ll bow before your throne

But until that time we meet again

I’ll stay safe inside your home.

Melissa Zelniker Presser lives with her wonderful husband Shlomi and their three children Avery, Collin and Meadow in South Florida. Melissa was born and raised in a Jewish home and later found Jesus at the age of 35. Shlomi, an Israeli Jew, was not far behind, finding the Lord shortly thereafter. Both Melissa and Shlomi are practicing attorneys in the criminal justice field. Their journey is one of brokenness, mercy and redemption. She blogs at