I Am Hidden In Christ

I Am Hidden in Christ

For you have died and your life is hidden with Christ in God. Colossians 3:3, NASB

I am revisiting this idea of being hidden in Christ. Largely because, well, to be honest, I’d kind-of like to hide this week. However, running off to a secluded lake all by myself for a few days is not on my possibilities radar, so my solitary retreat must be in spirit.

I’ve been chewing on this verse in Colossians with a bit of perplexity. What did Paul mean when he says that we “are hidden with Christ in God?” That’s an odd statement, don’t you think? I get the “set your mind on things above,” part, but this hidden with Christ in God . . .waiting to be revealed section has tumbled around in my mind with flavor of mystery.

What of a pearl? A pearl is hidden away, it’s beauty and value awaiting revelation. But more than that, it is protected as it is being perfected, kept safe by the strong clamps of the oyster. This is interesting, because that pearl didn’t begin as anything beautiful or valuable. Mark Sprinkle so aptly writes that a “pearl is a treasure of suffering” because it started as a wound. A pearl is an irritant–a speck of dirt–that has been redeemed by the very object upon which it had inflicted pain.

Does this not sound like our Christ? He bore our sins, took our shame and hung on the cross, putting to death death’s demands, and then—how very glorious! He keeps us tucked safe in his fail-safe love. Like that pearl, a transformed treasure, I am hidden with Christ in God. That is far better than any weekend retreat, I think.