I am rich

I am Rich: A Joint Post

For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ; although He was rich, for your sake He became poor, so that by His poverty you might become rich. 2 Cor. 8:9

From Susan

I’ve seen the outside of Buckingham Palace.  It’s dazzling. If the seat of such an earthly kingdom is so opulent, imagine the throne room of Heaven. That’s where Jesus belongs, enthroned above the heavens, rich beyond comprehension.  And yet, he left all that to step into human clothes, to be born in a stable and to walk the dusty roads of Earth without so much as a simple frame house to call his own.

Talk about culture shock. I mean, I thought moving from the United States to a third-world country was difficult.  What about moving from Heaven to Earth? Jesus became poor so that we, too, could enjoy the riches of heaven.   He died a criminal’s death on this sin-wracked planet so that I could become fabulously wealthy, a daughter of the King.

Paul penned these words  in an effort to persuade a wealthy church to share with a financially struggling one.  Why would he find it necessary to remind Christians with money about the poverty Jesus endured for them?

From Jen

Perhaps because earthly wealth is never enough. Never.

I was thinking this over on Sunday morning as I watched the Compassion promo video play. Running through my mind were the receipts of some recent purchases . . .

Clothing at Gordman’s – $82.00 (Like we need them. Our closets are packed.)

Lunch with my sister – $39.00

Easter gifts/shoes for my kids – $137.00

Plants for my gardening addiction – $62.00

Nothing wrong with spending a little. Nothing wrong with stuff, per se. But, although this all makes me look wealthy—which by 99% of the world’s standards, I am—it’s not what makes me rich.

Jesus became poor so that I would have an eternal inheritance. He also said that where ever my treasure is, my heart will be there with it. So, when it comes to opportunities to give, such as supporting a child in poverty for a mere $32.00 a month, I hear Paul reminding me, “Jesus gave everything so that you would be eternally rich. Can you not lay a little down to follow his example?”

What opportunities do you have right now to share your eternal inheritance? Is Jesus asking you to lay something down for someone else?