I am God's Daughter

Just Like Him

Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children… Ephesians 5:1

My daughter is a lot like me. She has a vivacious imagination, can’t resist a good story, and has an affinity for words. She also happens to look the most like me of any of my four children.

Much of that is just genetics. And chance. But some of it—well, she learned it from me. See, all of my kids love a good book. Because I’ve been reading to them ever since they lay in my arms in a rocking chair. They all have a pretty wide vocabulary. We like etymology around here. And telling stories? Favorite pastime. SJ (my daughter) takes it to a whole new level, though. She’s got her little creations written down, and new ones are added to her journal daily (I have to say, they’re pretty good, too).

That practice was definitely learned. When my kids catch me on the computer, their first question isn’t “what game are you playing?” or, “what are you looking up?” It’s “are you writing, Mom?” And the answer is usually “yes.”

SJ is imitating me. And I have to admit, I rather like it. Which is why, when I read Ephesians 5:1, I think to myself, “He must like it an awful lot when I copy Him.” Shows that I love Him, that I admire Him and want to be just like Him. Maybe, when I’m doing a good job of that imitation, it even makes Him proud.

Because I think He’d like it a whole bunch if His daughter turned out to be like Him.